June 3-6, 2019 | Philadelphia, PA

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Maximize your company’s brand visibility in front of 16,000+ global attendees at the industry’s largest event of the year. These sponsorships create the best opportunity for you to showcase your brand with high visibility events and products.

Get the most exposure for your company with these brand-boosting opportunities:

5k Fun Run/ Walk
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Engage 250+ attendees to run before the beginning of the conference Monday morning for a cause, health, fun or a targeted customized branding message from the Sponsor.  

Attendee Bags - SOLD for BIO 2018                                                                                    
The sponsor logo is strategically placed on convention bags given to attendees, which yields maximum corporate visibility for the entire convention.

BIO Buzz Center - SOLD for BIO 2018                                                                                      
Sponsor the BIO Buzz Center, BIO's social media and video hub during the BIO International Convention. The Buzz Center hosts industry leaders to share their perspectives on key industry trends highlighted at the Convention.

Headshot Lounge - SOLD for BIO 2018                                                                                     
This popular service provides free executive headshots to all attendees, and great interaction between attendees and the exclusive sponsor. 

High Visibility Signage Opportunities 
Get prime visibility in front of 15,000+ thought leaders – great locations and packages available. To see our full inventory of signage opportunities, please contact BIO.   

Hotel Key Cards 
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Hotel Key Cards offer a unique opportunity to have your prospects carry around your sales message for the entire convention. As event guests arrive at our designated host hotels, they will be handed and greeted by your customized hotel key card. 

Internet & Charging Stations - 1 Remaining Opportunity for BIO 2018
Get remarkable onsite visibility by sponsoring an internet & charging station, which will be located in high-traffic areas throughout the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Lanyards - SOLD for BIO 2018                                                                                     
Receive tremendous visibility throughout the entire convention!  Each attendee name badge comes with a lanyard that will feature the sponsor’s logo and the BIO logo. 

Lifestyle Studio (New!) 
Copyright © 2012 3D Media Group All Right Reserved 
Incorporate your own mindful and wellness message.  Contact BIO for ideas about how to customize this opportunity to promote your company’s branding message.

Premier Digital Signage Sponsorship SOLD for BIO 2018  
Make a strong visual impact on passersby with the Marquee Digital Display, an 80 feet tall display located outside the front entrance of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC), and the 160-feet-wide BCEC Video Wall, which spans the central section of the North Lobby. 

Recharge Nap Pods 
Copyright © 2012 3D Media Group All Right Reserved 
The solution to convention tension, high-tech recharge nap pods & lounge will be splashed with branding to immerse your guests in hospitality and modern trends. 

Social Photo Booth - SOLD for BIO 2018
Copyright © 2012 3D Media Group All Right Reserved 
Customized with your product or promotion, have potential customers take home your info (logo) to be displayed in their home or office for a lasting value after the show. 

VendPop & Social Engagement (New!) 
Copyright © 2012 3D Media Group All Right Reserved 
This vending machine branding opportunity will support brand awareness campaign, social media strategy and collect attendee data before the gift pops out.

Virtual Reality Theater (New!) 
Copyright © 2012 3D Media Group All Right Reserved 
Be the first Sponsor to provide the VR experience outside your exhibit space to your clients and prospects. VR Theater is perfect for showcasing properties, Manufacturing plants/ processes, travel destinations and action plans.

Volunteer Recognition Program 
BIO will place a single sponsor’s logo, along with the BIO logo, on approximately 200 volunteer shirts to be worn by volunteers from regional biotech companies and academic institutions.

Wifi - SOLD for BIO 2018
The exclusive Wi-Fi sponsor will be branded on the welcome screen that pops up when attendees log onto the network throughout the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Wine Pour - SOLD for BIO 2018      
Copyright © 2012 3D Media Group All Right Reserved                                                                                 

Connect your brand and target audience at an exclusive wine tasting event. This lifestyle event provides unique market reach for your corporate supporters in a relaxed, intimate environment.

Yoga Studio - SOLD for BIO 2018  
Copyright © 2012 3D Media Group All Right Reserved                                                                                   
Digital and printed marketing literature will extend the sponsor’s marketing impact beyond the BIO Convention by providing relevant touch points, engaging guests with the sponsor brand and providing post event sponsor message reinforcement.

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